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What We Do

Good Companion Dogs offers one-to-one training and behaviour consultations for puppies and adult dogs.

I am a qualified TTouch practitioner, am working towards membership of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and have completed the Puppy Instructor’s and Dog Behaviour courses with Chirag Patel.

TTouch is sometimes referred to as 'The Touch that Teaches' and this combined with dog training techniques, based on praise and reward is a really kind and respectful way to help your dog develop into great companion and family friend. It is a very effective way to develop a trusting bond between you and your dog.

The area we cover is shown below:

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If you would like more information about training or workshops please complete the the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, or contact me via Mobile: 07850 661287


One-to-one training sessions take place in your home or in a park close to you, depending upon your needs.

For each one-to-one session you decide what you want to cover. Training can include basic obedience such as ‘on your mat’, wait, sit, and down as well as house training, settling a dog into its new home, food manners, loose lead walking, recall and muzzle training. I can also cover clicker training and recalling your dog to a whistle.

Costs for one-to-one sessions
1 x one hour session - £40
3 x one hour sessions - £100
6 x one hour sessions - £175

Additional sessions will be charged at £30 per hour.

Before your first session we will have a telephone consultation to go through what you want covered and how many sessions you would like. Payment must be made in advance.

Please complete the Contact Form for further information.

Behaviour Consultation

Although dogs love to please their owners there are times when things go wrong. Our puppies or dogs develop behaviours that we find difficult to manage. Some common issues include

  • separation anxiety
  • excessive barking
  • on and off lead reactivity
  • food and resource guarding

Tellington TTouch is a kind, respectful way of helping animals overcome a variety of behavioural problems. It works on the premise that the origins of most unwanted behaviours stem from stress, tension, confusion or fear. TTouch bodywork and groundwork exercises help to increase the 'feel good' factor enabling your pet to relax and learn different behaviours.

Bodywork consists of specific passive movements of skin, legs, tail and ears to increase circulation and release tension. Groundwork consists of slow, considered exercises on the lead over patterns of poles, over different surfaces and through cones. These exercises help improve the dogs co-ordination and balance and thus its confidence.

A dog that is relaxed, calm and feeling confident is able to process new information faster and is, therefore, easier to teach new behaviours.

If your dog’s behaviour has suddenly changed please get a vet to check him or her over before arranging a consultation. The change in behaviour may be due to an underlying medical condition which needs addressing.

You need to be aware that behaviours do not change overnight. It takes time and a consistent approach to change a dog’s behaviour.

A consultation costs £100 and includes

  • an initial phone consultation
  • a 2 hour face to face meeting in your home
  • a full report after our meeting including recommended actions for you to follow
  • as much telephone support as you feel you need over the following 3 months
  • a follow-up meeting after 4 to 6 weeks

Each additional meeting will £45 per hour.


A full-day’s workshop will last from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and costs £50 per person including teas and coffees. Dogs are welcome unless they are reactive to other dogs.

On the Workshop I talk about TTouch body work, covering various touches and body wraps. I will go through various uses for each and you will also have lots of opportunity to practice.

You will also have an opportunity to experience some of the groundwork exercises for yourself before working with your dog.

If you are interested in organising a workshop with your dog training group or club please contact me via email or on my mobile.


Me & My Dogs

I am a qualified TTouch practitioner and trainer with several years experience working with dogs.   As well as helping at different puppy and dog training classes I also volunteer at the Mayhew Animal Rescue Centre, I work with the school dog at the local primary school and one of my own dogs was a Therapy dog visiting clients with dementia.

I am very keen on keeping my skills and knowledge up-to-date by attending various workshops, training courses and seminars. Recently I have covered Clicker Training, dog aggression, separation anxiety and fear.

I am also completing the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) qualification this year.

I am fully insured and also CRB checked.